Saturday, April 14, 2012

Not Allowing a 15 Year Old The Right To Speak

My mind is boggled at the fact that Judge Worley refused to take a 15 year-old young man's testimony! She removed him from his home and class mates during the height of his high school career and decided to try something new by sending him to a completely different county over an hour away. How is this the best thing for a child especially when the mother is perfectly fit? This is what happens when you give a Judge to much discretion over the lives of children especially a Judge that is willing to try out different things just because she is in the mood to do so. After a divorce between parents a Judge should be trying to make the transition for the child as smooth as possible, not by uprooting a child from everything they have ever known and sending them far away from friends and family? If a child this age can be charged as a adult and put in jail then why can't they speak in a courtroom?
As sad as it may be this is just an example of the things that I am hearing about the things going on behind closed doors in her courtroom. I really wish that she was able be more empathetic to the children by making things the most stable for them. 

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