Friday, April 27, 2012


Today I learned to appreciate being an American Citizen more than ever. The fact that we were able to stand and protest against the injustices that we have been dealt at the hands of Judge Worley, put a wave of hope in my heart. We live in a democracy where we have the chance to vote and use our first amendment rights! I am so thankful for all that came out and took a stand. This was not the last protest against Judge Worley’s election.  I would do anything for my son, there are no limitations, and that means I will fight until she is off the bench. My heart beats for him and his brother that he has been torn from.

Judge Worley pulled up nonchalantly in her convertible Mercedes and walked into Salon 21 with her small group of supporters. We saw a few lawyers their supporting her which seems like a conflict in interest to me. I will have many pictures coming in the very near future, and I am sure that you will recognize a few as even some of the protesters did.  

I fear no man, if I do not fight then I will go to my grave a failure. I will do everything in my power to make sure she is removed from the bench. I believe that as long as she is the Judge over my case that I will never have justice for my son. I wanted her to see my face and know exactly who was protesting against her, because when she loses this campaign she will know exactly who had a large part in it. Again, pictures coming soon and I will also keep everyone updated on the next protest..hopefully this one will be downtown. E-mail me if you are interested in joining the movement and making a difference in the Family Court works

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