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Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I think she may be getting a little concerned about the truth being leaked out all over the internet about  the corruption within her courtroom. Click Here to see her re-election campaign. She is the only Judge in Family Court that is having two people run for her seat nobody else has anyone....hmmm what does that tell you? It tells me that there is good chance that she has a slim chance of being re-elected. Primary is May.8, 2012, I have been doing a little research on one of the two candidates taking her seat by the name of Charles Phillips Gilliam
Here is his Website. Although I did not see much about his legal experience within family law, the fact that he has two children tells me he is a much better candidate than Judge Worley. I think it should be mandatory for a family court judge candidate to have children, because if you do not have children then how would you know what would be good/bad for them? or the emotional attachment that children have? or how 50-50 custody would affect even the most normal child especially when one parent refuses to co-parent. Judge Worley thinks Parallel Parenting is okay for a child, which means that dad does things this way but mom does things this way...very confusing for a 5 year old! Only a person without children would think giving 90% of her cases this solution would be okay for children.
Please sign the petition to STOP the child abuse within family court. We must shine light onto the situation! Its a sad day when you have to come before a Judge in family court that could care less about the impact they are making on your child, but based on politics and who knows who. It is serious corruption so lets bring it to the attention of the president of the United States so that we can get some type of reform established. Sign this Petition

Monday, March 19, 2012

Candidate Campaign Finance Reports

To look at Judge Anna E. Worleys' Campaign Finance reports from the last election Click Here. I wonder how many of these lawyers are in cahoots with Ms. Anna Worley?? I saw the donation made to her campaign by opposing lawyer in my case. I also have audio from a few cases that I am ready to upload so that the public can understand just exactly why there has to be some type of CORRUPTION going on in this Judges Courtroom. She is illogical and she does not care about these children, however she does care a lot about the politics of it all.


Please Remember to Vote on May.8,2012..
Worley is running for re-election on May 8, 2012. She is opposed by Charles Phillips Gilliam andDaniel T. Barker. To find your voting location, change your address,  and all other information click here 

  • Please make sure you have a valid ID
  • Please make sure you are registered with your current address 
  • Learn where you are suppose to vote at!
Let us do our research about the other candidates even if it means we must make arrangements to meet with them.

Are You Willing?

What are YOU willing to do for your children's well being and safety? How much do you love YOUR child?
I know that there are no limits to what I will do in order for justice to prevail and to remove this impartial judge from the bench in order to prevent others from dealing with the same pain. I refuse to be silent and allow the corruption to continue! If you are willing to fight for Justice especially for your children and the children of others please join the movement! WAKE COUNTY how can you sleep peacefully knowing are children are being split and tossed around because of POLITICS! Please do not give up on what is right E-mail me or message me on my Facebook page.

Please Like My Facebook Page

click here to like my Facebook page entitled MothersJustice, so that we can begin to bring more light to the issue and that we will have another way to network with even more parents that have had some type of injustice occur.

We Must Come Together

If we want anything done about this Judge we have to come together by arranging a time and place that we can all come and bring the documentation from our cases and get some attention. We must prevent this injustice from happening to any other parents! I am hoping that we can meet sometime this week. No one understands the pain she has caused better than the ones that have had to live with her rulings. We need to get our storys heard!! And one voice may be to small but if we can get more voices then somebody is going to have to hear us. JUDGE WORLEY CAN NOT GET RE-ELECTED!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Parents Against Judge Anna Worley's Re-Election: What Lawyers Have To Say About Worley

Parents Against Judge Anna Worley's Re-Election: What Lawyers Have To Say About Worley:      More than 20,000 attorneys participated in reviewing North Carolina judges up for re-election in 2012.  With an overall performance rat...

Exposing Judge Worley

As the time for re-election nears I need the voters to be aware of who they are voting for. I have created this blog in order to expose the truth and allow the voters to have knowledge about who they are putting on the bench. You never know how your life will unfold and if it does you do not want to come before this judge to make a decision about your child! I have been networking with other mothers about the injustice of this Judge and you will not believe some of the stories and rulings this judge has made. Their is much corruption in her court room and parents that deserve a fair chance are not getting this because she has the tendency to make up her mind before you open your mouth. In this blog I will devote all my time and energy to fight for justice and in order to have justice we do not need to re-elect this woman. 

Click here  to just read about some of the unfair battles that some wake county parents have had to face the past three years Judge Worley has been in office. If any parent out here is reading my blog and has experienced the same type of hardships please contact me via E-mail we must fight for our children so they will grow up healthy and stable. We must network and come together on one accord and do whatever we must do in order to get this woman off the bench.

In the words of Lyndon B. Johnson:

"The vote is the most powerful instrument ever devised by man for breaking down injustice and destroying the terrible walls which imprison men because they are different from other men"