Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I think she may be getting a little concerned about the truth being leaked out all over the internet about  the corruption within her courtroom. Click Here to see her re-election campaign. She is the only Judge in Family Court that is having two people run for her seat nobody else has anyone....hmmm what does that tell you? It tells me that there is good chance that she has a slim chance of being re-elected. Primary is May.8, 2012, I have been doing a little research on one of the two candidates taking her seat by the name of Charles Phillips Gilliam
Here is his Website. Although I did not see much about his legal experience within family law, the fact that he has two children tells me he is a much better candidate than Judge Worley. I think it should be mandatory for a family court judge candidate to have children, because if you do not have children then how would you know what would be good/bad for them? or the emotional attachment that children have? or how 50-50 custody would affect even the most normal child especially when one parent refuses to co-parent. Judge Worley thinks Parallel Parenting is okay for a child, which means that dad does things this way but mom does things this way...very confusing for a 5 year old! Only a person without children would think giving 90% of her cases this solution would be okay for children.

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